Anna (Leni Wesselman), a young photo-journalist from Berlin travels to Serbia for a photo documentary about refugees. Arriving in Serbia’s capital Belgrade, Anna finds out that she can’t realize her task the way she intended. Through the cabdriver Džeki (Nenad Okanović) she encounters the withdrawn but nevertheless interesting young woman Maja (Jelena Rakočević) who works at the nearby fast-food restaurant. Miserable with her living circumstances, Maja is dreaming of a new beginning somewhere abroad. Encouraged by her quest for acknowledgment and her fear of failure, Anna starts to photograph the young Belgrade without telling her why. Driven by the wish to change her life, Maja doesn't realize Anna‘s real intentions.


„Open Cage“ is a German-Serbian Co-production. The project was developed by the film collective Nema Love Film Berlin and the production company ETM Production Belgrade (Serbia) and produced in cooperation with the Faculty of Drama Arts Belgrade and the University of Applied Sciences Berlin.

A team of over 40 graduates and young professionals from Germany, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Turkey and the USA formed an unique international film crew.
Cultural exchange and innovative production methods were the fundamentals of our common project that connects young film enthusiasts from East and West.
This main idea of cooperation is actually influenced by the story of “Open Cage”, which combines protagonists from Germany and Serbia facing their personal and social conflicts. A story about European societies that, besides their frequently exposed differences, have a great number of similarities which we should not forget.

Sinisa Galic
Author & Director “Open Cage”